Howard Aibel, Founder of New York Concert Review

Howard Aibel, Founder  and President of New York Concert Review, Inc.

In an effort to better serve our readers, artists, managers, and public relations representatives, we have now become an online magazine.

In doing so we have joined the many distinguished newspapers and magazines that are moving to the web, and as a result – and at no cost – people can read New York Concert Review anywhere in the world. When the last printed edition of NYCR was posted on the web, an overwhelming majority of you favored the online version. Everyone was pleased with the timing of the reviews which are available almost instantly — in many cases, sooner than most publications. With our new web-only format we are also able to publish longer reviews including color photos of the artists. In addition, more articles on noteworthy topics and events in classical music will be offered. So dear readers, since it’s already the second decade of the 21st century, we felt it was time to join the new digital era.